Sunday, April 10, 2011

Angela Behrendt Responds (April 2011)

Almost two thirds of the people I send a letter/poem to in my 365 ltrs project have responded in some way: a thank-you via email, a posted note, a message somehow sent via Facebook, a notice posted somewhere on the web. And a small handful of my correspondents send me a creative response. I have spent this morning catching up on posting those responses.

This last one is from Angela Behrendt, a masterful German mailartist, who works by stitching the designs of her mailart onto cloth that she then stitches onto cards and mails out. Yesterday, I received this card of her, slipped into an envelope (which is not her usual method—usually she sends a postcard). This response is one that is a little out of the ordinary, because it is not a response to the poem I sent Angela. Instead, it is a response to the poem I sent another great mailartist, RF Côté, who published a selection of my poem in his mailartzine, circulaire 132. Still, it is a response to the 365 ltrs project, so I present it here, along with the other responses below it.

365 days, 365 letters, 365 poems

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