Friday, April 15, 2011

326. In Time

in a moment

in as a faction
of a second as
if as a traction

build & built

a suggesting
furthering an
emptiness a

loss that slips

come to it to
build & break
from building

in a moment

within single
fractions of a
moment that

allow for us

the time to
make from the
world all the

pieces of it

that we had
had no idea
had ever been

what there was

to know & be
to experience
as pure breath

in leaky lungs

as clear blue
through cloudy
eyes as scents

in a moment

revealed &
just as soon
dissipated as

what we take

from the world
to return to it
what it had

& unfettered

so it is made out
of the air & of
the hard soil

underfoot &

the bone the
many bones
both hard &

those that are

soft or become
hard or are
hollow within

enough so that

we can hear
our voices inside
our bodies

& their echoing

within the
space that comes
after speaking

& there we hear

the word that
hides me from
myself & you

in a moment

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