Tuesday, December 21, 2010

211. Days of Commuting and Being

You hear the sounds of the street before
you feel the wind traveling through

Winter like a scrap of paper
scuttling down the sidewalk

its scratching almost audible

en la voz de la última vez
con los nombres sin números

every numbered street passes by your feet

Descent into the city is south and down
into darkness or where darkness would be

Trains through that darkness
move through tubes of defined space

and inside in a cylinder of light
you sometimes glance out the windows

at other windows almost even with yours
slipping slightly faster or slightly slower

through what remains a darkness

mira el milagro de la noche
todavía la noche y los ojos mirando

at the end is the opening up and out

and into the light and the cold
surrounding it and the cold that surrounds

Turning to the right and up a street
on a new sidewalk and a new island

moving to a building and a space into warmth
into warmth made out of the space of winter

an elevator and a square tube upward

a la luz de la voz de enero
la voz de un futuro sin pájaros azules

everything just a memory of the future

Space is divided by squares and rectangles
a drawer in a filing cabinet against a wall

window opens the wall to light
a square of blue sky enough for remembering

the hole of a door through a wall
desk by a table with a computer screen

what opens are words after words to you

un día con el teléfono a la oreja
la boca con las palabras perfectas y mutadas

what is done is in a sense speaking

In a sense collecting and putting together
or taking apart as it is a process of connection

uncovering or rearranging the order of facts
the address of the name of the place

of the person of the question needing answer

y por eso somos los artículos de la razón
estamos viviendo adentro de la raza humana

you as a process of an answer

a conduit to resolution and the means
of making an idea move forward

forward so that it might eventually move away
Eventually there is the return and the steps
to a return made with the steps in reverse order

after a while it all seems as if it would never end

Days seem like days past and days future
and somehow miraculous for that fact

everything seems to repeat unendingly
but there is eventually an end to it

and sometimes it is sleep

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