Tuesday, December 14, 2010

204. Q & A & B

Q. What is the first question?

A. “What is the first question?”

Q. That’s what I said.

A. That’s not a question.

Q. Why do I have to ask the questions?

A. Do you think that is the question to ask?

Q. That isn’t an answer.

A. That’s not a question.

Q. Do you think questions are important?

A. Yes, because my answers never come if a question is not posed.

Q. Do you believe in the beauty of questions?

A. Of course. Questions are beautiful in that they are shapely but empty forms waiting to be filled by colors of liquids or lights.

Q. Do you believe that?

A. I believe everything.

Q. Why would you do that?

A. Because it’s easier.

Q. But don’t you see that some ideas contradict other ideas.

A. Of course! The possibilities are infinite!

Q. So you are happy?

A. I imagine so.

Q. You do not know if you are happy?

A. Well, I suppose so, but there is so much I don’t know about myself that I wouldn’t want to assume I was happy. There might be something I’ve forgotten that proves I am indeed happy. But the opposite is also true.

Q. How can you survive and persist with these opposing forces within you?

A. In the same way that the earth.

Q. Are you the earth?

A. At times, and of it, and tending back towards it with time.

Q. What do you see as beautiful about the earth?

A. The birds, sky, the clouds, the sun.

Q. What do you see as beautiful upon the earth?

A. Water filling crevices of different sizes.

Q. What is so beautiful about water in crevices?

A. They are lakes and streams and rivers, maybe oceans.

Q. You have a strange sense of what a crevice is.

A. You have a strange sense of what a question is.

Q. What is the different between a crevice and a question?

A. A crevice contracts and expands and holds little bits of darkness like water, shadow and air. A question is something used to plumb the depths of a crevice.

Q. Do all crevices have depth?

A. All crevices have depth, but not all are deep.

Q. Do you know who you are?

A. I used to, but I grew bored with the knowledge of myself.

Q. Is this a play?

A. This is play.

Q. Are you alive somewhere?

A. Whenever someone remembers me.

Q. How often is that?

A. More than I would like.

Q. Do you wonder when you will go to sleep?

A. I assume it will overtake me before I realize it.

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