Thursday, December 9, 2010

199. Five Meditations on the Ways of Seeing Forward

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

lovely are the forms of thinking that make a thinking work

in the matter of a life of living a thinking thought is you
in the manner of a life of living a thought thinking is you

you do not leave anything behind of yourself when you yourself leave
but neither do you take anything away for you are always present

a gift of presence is a form of being real in the articulation of being

you might see how you think through the shapes of language
you might see how you think variously through the various shapes of language

what you do and make is what you make possible by doing it
what you give is the possibility of making do with possibility

the shapes of waves are the shapes of tongues in the process of speaking

= = = = =

everything is equal to everything else in the sense that you think about it once

surrounded beneath the early winter bitter cold you are equal to the weight of rock
surrounded among the early bitter winter cold you are equal to the weight of breath

it is in the management of the extension of figuring that you regret the balance

there have never been times like these to measure the length of the river till sunset

dimensions are the means of finding relief from what pressures days bring
it would be better to be alone in one’s thoughts than surrounded by those of others

the weight of a chorus of voices is more than the weight of the house holding them

the house itself could be as tall as the sky if it were not for the limitlessness of sky

¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
you move the car in a straight line towards the place where you work each day

you move yourself in a straight line through the range of a day’s work

there are lines between two opposing streams of cars to keep them apart
a fight is a temptation between two opposing forces for primacy and power

cardinal are the rules that guide us the bird having disappeared for a day

autocratic are the requirements of an abandoned human system to be followed

you remember the day when the sun seemed to be an arc of light in the sky

everything that is still is moving more quickly than you can believe
everyone moves as slowly as they allow the fact of their sleepiness to take them

there is nothing lost by keeping everything in a straight line

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

in the approximation of what a thing might be is where you find what a thing is

nothing can be exactly what it is or it would be perceived accurately

in the first place there is never a first place but there is sometimes a second place
in the second place there is never a second place unless there is a first place

which there never is

what seems to be something is how a string of water between two shores is a road
what seems to be something is how a string of water becomes a solid surface

you walk upon the black face of the parking lot as if it were a river
your confidence is that high in the ability of the lot to carry your weight

you are approximately what you always were which is approximately what you should be

attempts at estimating guesses can hide the fact that something is measurable

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

some marks are signs of what is left out of something
sometimes an s disappears into the sound of a word and there is only one of them

silence is the sound of esses disappearing from the words around them
nothing can be whispered with the s to give it a sound

some marks are invisible upon the body because they do not appear there
some marks we carry with us like an s-less whisper

what we mark on the floor is time so we know how to dance through it
no matter how many changes we are given we still forget how to dance

the sound of feet on the floor is almost the sound of thinking yourself away
even when you don’t want to think yourself away you move in that direction

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