Sunday, February 20, 2011

272. The Architecture of Song

the limits of the extension of the plane into undefined space
the exaggerations of the desire of a cantilevered bridge
the opening through an arch into a space made greater by framing

a method for developing systems for limiting space
a concept that joins the experiences of the eye with those of the body
an architextural system of words that gives body to air and light

inchlight and


to the eyence

for blendths



doecile ayre
and lighth

you believe it as you believe as heart beats through ribcage the blessèd blood
you create it as you create the turgid craters of your dreams volcanic sough
you intend it as you intend to be who you are whenever where you are

music in the form
of voices released

a cemetery of sadness
and voluptuous drone

what you hear as light
and feel as whisper

or a finger dragged against
a neck as warm breath

a long tender wail
slighter than a wren’s voice

a warble that may be a cry
which itself might be crying

a stump
a stop

one way to make the world into shapes to hold us is not
one idea of how to create the sense of distance in a small space is not
one thought to guide your movement through a space is not

in blindst

in/to wholes

as pieces of

tarjetted from
a space of making

as a bill of lading

as s thought forgotted

as a fact

a manner of making melodious music with a mouth
a muscle that moves the hinges of the jaw
a singing that seems to point us to a fact of life
a lifting voice that carries out its fate

the opening
the exaggerations
the limits

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