Friday, February 18, 2011

270. Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

This in being the first
item in a series of organs.
Was as the place and in
sequence. Or apt, and
approached as a pattern.
The manner of light,
and through her fingers
in shards. I see the ocean
now, and the skeletons
of every fish. Dishragdoll.
If, as part of the performance,
we had been asked to roll
the dice. He thought twice
before forgetting that again.
Iridescent, she came. It
punctured every article of
faith and clothing. Skin is
the organ of touch. May I
be the first to ask you in?
We are conscious of the
request that we speak in
a certain order. Not a
request. Parish, the thought.
My latest interest was out-
side and early on in the day.
Bartok over talk radio. I
in place of me. The difference
between distraction caused.
Please be aware of the rules
regarding the creation of
rules. He was king of the
lined paper trove. We bow
our heads to those who
came before. I ask you, my
dearly assembled, why you
do not seem of a piece? It
was all-out war. Our intent
versus. Keep that to your-
self, or sell it at half price.
Not in a million years, he.

She or it. A bit of controvery
concerning the centering of
circles. As my brother. She
knows all about it. What
happens determines what
has happened. They found it
empty but leaning into the
future. Please don’t forget.
My voice rose in unison
with my penis. Both were
blue. Take a little comfort,
southern man. To look out
over the Baltic is to see
the sea and want it more
for having seen it. Tender
but kissless. Bordering on
the perverse. Unfortunately,
only bordering. I hoarded
all of these words just so I
could give them to you today.
How is it that you live in
tomorrow? Join us sometime,
and we will show you. Not
for the half-life of plutonium.
Remember love. A peaty
scotch, and the scent remained
on her tongue (so she spoke
it) and on her breath (so she
inspired it). My only fault
was having any. Turn a kit
tight, and you might stop the
caboodle. Wheezing, sure,
but enjoying the pressure of
breathing. At that point, we
understood. The shade of
the tree exceeded its height.
We lived at right angles
from each other. You can
eat whatever is left over.
Twice so far, or thrice.

Hold me, or I might fall.
No, not you. Expressive,
as pus or sap or pus. On
time but lately. We can’t
recall why we love you so,
but we don’t question it.
Didn’t you decide that your
success was a fluke? The
only good news is that
I’ll die young. She removed
the clothes from his body
as if they were flakes.
The communion wafer
hosted a party. The moon,
huge and misty. You could
see it in her eyes. Thighs
like stanchions. Bilirubin,
and lily-livered. I would
live there if I had a notion.
And then your face dis-
(appeared) in the wineglass.
A beach continues forever
but lasts only for twilight.
Delicate, delicate, delicate.
It was a party, so you were
there. Over your other
other shoulder. As I have
just said. Not in the way
you imagine it. But weeping.
Not swooning, but crooning.
She knew it, even though
he was old. We could find
faults but not earthquakes.
Harrowing as a field. My
only wish was. You called
her your cherry. The others
surrounded you. Exactly
as expected. There was no
order to them at all. There
seemed to be sixty of them.

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