Saturday, February 12, 2011

264. Dreeming of Seaming

Ooomph, & conditions Of (wings((((
rendition of s))))inging)

Deadbeat day for [o]pen[ed] night
vertical ventricle o…f sof…\t\ening

or list…n…ing two birds Of an ether
for it is deep in windter & we’arey

Lockstep with hisstory & cannot snake
this fealting that I’m reemplaced Away from

The first goofball of the seesun (bright like
& wet for cold & icy) hitt At eareyeness’ spot

Beltout an entire songg, & the paints fall down,
greene from thwall & read From the bodii

Watt is not 1 is zer0) (0 that is not is mine)
(t’ kill kanary’d sungg) (or craving voided voices

Meine kleine pirouette qui ne m’écoute pas
Whoo can tell the hooting From that prance?

Little grey squiggles In the treas with a fortune
of gnuts For the furry little grey babies they’ll have

The zero ’swhat holds the void still so’t won’t
fill us full of live emptynests Of byrrhds

They spilleng Of th’wordsts isnot endportant
Thair meenings & maybeings are

Rigiditi as a flavower Of the snow
supports interdeterminacy of cataracteristics

In][twn mourning & knight wee faindt
the scentse of sleeping Into sleaping

Re-member what you dismember
& may all your embers be amber



Sprouting loony wursts At’everyone &
be-ginning to shew whay

)))))Come back((((( shee said & ’twere as if
she were real & sparkling & speeeeeeking

The kitt he were a catten wunst
& dreems now of midnight screemings

Grabbing th’upholstery With 1 h& & vigower
he said back }}}}}From wh’air wd I even come{{{{{????

To gnow what we gnaw
we must chew carelessly

Emboldened in the manner Of a dignotarry’s title
& given to bouts of ’boutness and ’foreness

Not a hole but the peaces of its parts in spurts
so’t you’d hafta prefigure it’all out

……….c)hunks of ice & flailling Down t’earth
for tea comes hotter than winter goes froth

& they sang like blood From accordions:

A\\\life|||riggd////////like a sayleboat|||but
know win))))))))))d t’move it froword))))))))))

Sweeps of strings of soundings of singings of words
Sleeps of slings of foundlings of stingings of t’wards
Overleaf & underfoot th’snow still rests icy
undersun & overland th’snow rests icy still

Birds R (b]]]]lack …periods… or ,,,commas‘‘‘
’gainst the falling snow falling On fallen snow

Je me reste ici
I’ll rest easy

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