Wednesday, February 9, 2011

261. Of Cups and Other Vessels for Holding Water

A book through the window might be
a look

from a nother point of view
in which you see

the shape of the cup
with the handle going right

with your hand going write
with drawing

it could otherwise be

a vase with almost no lip
but bulbous

the shape of a vessel for water
requiring width

to allow
for water

if not depth
then breadth

what water takes
out of breathing

through the pencil stroke
assuming the need for correction

or breaking
in bursts

of confertisparsison
and the unison

of the hand as it writes
what the mouth says

or draws it

into sunlight
or page

or pages flipping
through the progress of time

the time it takes
to make a shape

that means something
of word or image

and I imagine there are
flagons or tankards somewhere

worth drawing into

of vessels
adrift and

there is water for drinking
out of the air

in the color of sunlight
and slipping out of shape

and color and back
into it for the best water

is colorless and shaped like
a tongue or the sound

of a tongue against
the resistance of air

what we see around us
only by the absence of seeing

so everything vital is


as it should be
as if there could be

a shape to our thinking
a manner for our drawing

our bodies through
the world

a vessel to hold
the water that we would simply be

if we were not
at this time human bodies

in the space of a moment
that might take decades

and thus with the time
to consider the shape and taste

and scent of

and the vessels
that might hold it in place

until we might draw
out of those glass

and ceramic
cups and glasses

the water we need
to live and

conclusions about
the simple symbols of

our world and what
they would mean to us

if we

draw them
drink them

and drown
in them

all at once
and over again.

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