Tuesday, August 10, 2010

78. Abandoned Lyric

Splectrum and morlin

the cursion, the coeursion,
in a vrontic shay, encombizant
to lacrial seizh,
and the bonyin chorses

It is within the manjid that
salder vauls, uncorted to
extesion or frowels of bope,
that phloster mimtakes
and dorsin bleems.
Pederal, pederal, that calpted
knodge, vedile to the pid.
Acaptridded vanner and dole,
the marber for tliz.

To cambor and tunk er
amid the vril, to mazelate
ugrid among the fwinge.
Balter to the mid-vorn, convidge
to the anjer. You wulded it
in forn, tandle to varry,
mayvine to zeen. I can’t
durate with durded eame,
I can’t cowler the vald
or plean. Conderate,
conderate, mulded kev.

Zhine my fudder, ghorsion
my tlit, desharbined kilfer
my sederate stip. The dendrind
on the bayhead, ettles for flane,
and every knorted sintle burdles
and burtles away again, forglayed.
You are tilder to the murvin
and ghendof tive. What in durst
and whoil, what in evermeal forn
would a howde bewray? What
enbunted chorl, what
agdid tweeve.

Awabe the gnorl and mimsy
to the plursion, we cruve
the ziger to the battlemounts
torred. In a way, the velver
explayed for tonder and pilded
for zray, vorders the taven
and alues the dade.

In every frinded beight,
with orctled bild and flerr,
your cation strites, your blorel
solts, in kharkian cavel
as molted pharish,
as chorid sidge.

The gnosted philials idder
to the helft, basker and vane,
whender in a cloppet, but
knoctions fape and dwilder.
What you can’t calper, the tresture
can’t forlide, and balanders
aurrer in winper and boyne.
It meels all like a tlaver
to the first plindling or vacules
of straver for campick’s vaund, yet
zholes of feignder aunder jone.

So the cawnder, so the twale,
megrin philsters elerwain,
ecausterated vraysions alpter
in the quayve. All these emortions
of vode can’t corve, and all these
calliphraigns of tinze won’t durl
the vret of burge, the arcting porse,
the uddled aptle andered forth.

We are reptered with yerving
and taundered to kewpings,
whatever mawrkin might outgribe
we eerer intendled without a nure.
Avres like aldin and howdles like meeb,
we empry, ensilvish, auntery way.
The mawblins are calvered for
everyone’s oughf, each crespered to vradle,
and melbring, melbring away.

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