Friday, July 23, 2010

60. Reductio ad Parnassum

voices moving
outside the moving
elevator something
like speaking
murmuring the purring
engine of speech
pulling the elevator
up the dark shaft
of the elevator where
we live and breathe

there might be
a language to those
voices how they carry
how they rise how
they surround us we
could almost perceive
meaning we could
almost perceive

language out of
a set of signs like a knife
taken to a trunk and
the birch scars into
a message curling
at the incisions dumb
and silent between
which spaces a word
might sound the echo
rising from the decorated
white trunk of the birch

what birth from sound
a shape might come
like ox like apple like
ramifications of antlers
every pathway ending
in space and nothing
representative shape
of representative
sound of the thing
you only imagine

before you
there was nothing
and after you
there is nothing

signs of you
on the woods in
the page by the
wind and sings
of you in the
hand of the you
in the movement
of moving the
hand to a spot
where the letter
might grow
gentle tellings
and tilings of
letters genetic
twistings of
message and
method and
marriage of

what blossoms
blooms flos-
culous efflor-
escent floret
the floscule
leaf and

it is
in the space
of a speaking
that time
extends dis-
tends melts
into metal
and molts
horn hair
skin and

a sing-
le one
a sin-
gle 1
a 1

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