Saturday, July 10, 2010

46. La voix, l’avoir, la voir

in what
for what reason
despite the conditions that would require
before certainty, but only temporarily so as if conditioned to fail
tendency towards definite but without a sense of surety

I am merely speaking here to you
All I am doing is writing
These are only words
Mine mean but that I am talking to you

(if you can
hear the sound
in it you can
know it)

la petite chanteuse et la petite mère
de la petite chanteuse chartreuse
que l’idée (quelle idée)
c’est une quantité d’autres mots
de part et d'autre des mots
il était impossible de parler

je ne pas
je ne que
je ne plus
je ne rien
je ne quoi

beyond the border of sound and sense
within particularly rigid constructions of order
we cannot hope to hope to make a word to speak for us

je suis tout
je sais desolé
je n’ai pas de mots de sapin
je n’est pas de mot

open and a little brighter
not a sunrise but reflection upon a field of cloth
streetlight as moonlight
quiet in the way that engines idle

(le mot, c’est moi)

do you know the word for [     ]?
do you know the word for (     )?
do you know the word for {     }?
do you know the word for <     >?
do you know the word for |     |?

what is left out and how
it is left out

right there I see it

la vide
la vidéo
la voix

je vois
ce que je vois
je le vois

je n’ai pas des yeux
je ne suis rien, mais les yeux


les dieux ont des yeux

I have lost the language to speak
and mumble with a tongue I cannot quite use

order words the can’t put I in
the can’t put I in the order of words
the put I can’t order in the offer of words
the part I can’t put in the offer for the order of words you need

the night stretches out into itself
a vein is missing from my leg
I am almost bloodless
what moves inside me are my bowels

I dream I drink a bowel of serial
I dream I write a heard of whorses
I dream I wrote a hand of hearses

the cat who wanders
the room is furry
with thoughts of entering
through doors to find
the other way out
of the way he found himself
back here in the first place

c’est tu?
say you?

I chat with the cat
and it thinks my
words are itself

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