Wednesday, July 7, 2010

44. Famous to 15 People

ported to the self

the portraitist Other
abandoned [ , ] outré

replaced with

traces of self…
placed on the shelf
of the digitalia
(fingered & fingerless)


such that

[ } right profile


left profile { ]


total {|} human

at the same person

voiced backwards
’n’ for’rds
in a manner that allows
crossing to th’other side

the hand holds the screen
of the brush up
to the face

/// dsh knw
whn the dish
wd b us ///

(or not /// he was
“into” boys)

heuristics tell you how
how you tell heuristics
from yourself

the screen transfers
the screen to
the screen

a series of reductions
to settle the self
into place

(“i not into thot”)

intricate is the ofness
of this place of yourself
you are virtual, real
you am me is you

a series of images
in place of word

words in place of
I’m ages ago gone
from that place
here for now

think with your(eye
and you)rfinger

{{{{{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}}}}
{{{{{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}}}}

items and utems
atoms of us

there is no distinction
between youness and
Iambs in the archives
of the digital human

the digital text human
): electronic worded flesh :(

the digital world
is not an extension of ourselves

as not is words
or worlds of them
(or the worlds of them)

it is us

as bone and blood

as we run electric
we need electricity to think it out
to make it move it keep it safe &


the worded nets

worked together and out

this glowing digital object
is of love as much as flesh
this glowing digital ob)(ject
is of passion as much as paper
this growling digital subject
before us behind us beneath

we do not need identity management
to know who we are /// we do not need
id/entity man[age]meant to mean
what we see /// proctors to keep us in line

we have a structuredness
fluid and [          ] ; we are
merging streams of data
and content (or contént)

our presence is webbed


we are meaninged and making
we aggregate the aggregate
and are in agreement with it

particles portions fragments
cohere and there—in this context
or that—so that dual we become
what we alawayas were


experience (sets of)
knowledge (versions of)
extensions (of knowledge
& experience)

we intimate we are intimate
with ourselves & you (as we
present ourselves to be, as we
[présent] ourselves & be)

we know how to change with one word
out of place /// with one word
we make as we be

and we do what we do we do
careful and cautious never

To forget a period.

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