Friday, July 2, 2010

39. florilegium

“Dreamlessness daylily
orange. arrow petal, the flap,
sweet tongue and bud, pollen
capsule of coated collar. handful
has of pleather pleasures. carousels
and whirling sunlit pm

“as leaves are long and blades,
the sweep in breeze of dangling.
in lines of sight, intention
to view what field of clump of
pile of green for what
one stirs the gut’s own mud”

“Lavender than. kept in greys
of shadows for green. a chalk and,
scent in silence. flow through air
from flower in powdered
purplish tinge. among the,
rocks and stones.

“wander. that the garden
won’t. but in smell. lavender and
saffron, calamus and, cinnamon,
with every form, of aromatic
plant. devoted, for modest in aspect,
awaiting fingers to the nose”

“Plantain, mother herb, open. moving,
seeds east or south. within, with-
standing, all it withstood, foot,
poison, contagion. for it,
to be and placing, green. the path
through the garden

“conqueror. the flower, spike and
seed, a pike. of the grass, then
all but. flat leaf, dull flower,
something of dust. like seed
in scores of thousands. a new
particulate air”

“Rooted, in leaves, in shade. wake
robin, bog onion, jack-
in-the-pulpit. built under vaulted
ceiling of raspberry, reds or
blacks. where moist, the hooded
flower, thick tongue or phallus, moves

“left or lost. in shadowed tumble,
criss and its borne cross. of shadow or
stick, or solitary flower. Striped
as brown. to rub its tongue, which is,
the body, its tongue, th’erect penis.
that he is all, one, complete, and three”

“Tirewort, what no running over of
would expunge, but spread. little
pineapple weed, crush of which
escapes the fruit. finger-pincht.
single yelloweye, of flower, un-
ostentation, gathered in hosts

“tiny, but energetic of scent.
the t in the sound of it, that
ends it. nothing there is
to it. so, thus, hence, it
continues, determined, stagnant,
in place”

“Still a chill, in summer and,
darkness. where there is a ‘her,’
and slightly clipt, to ‘he.’ what
children garden grows. op-
portunities for congress. and that
secret expectation, life

not a shovel for, a trowel, to
build a hole, to hold, a
flower, what flows, in light,
lilight, or lilylight. denizen of
sun and need, for warmth, that
comfort, of coming home to sleep.”

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