Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tonight's Poem So Far

Everything upholstered ordered taken over by pleasant odor
everything sonorous simple sated and satisfying by its presence
everything here in the right hand of the body

Taking for example a daughter and the water of her bathing
taking over the example of the water how it makes but never stays
taking time for breathing in the scent of water running away

Giving into and onto and unto them the beat
giving over the person of performance of the perfume of the wrist
giving after the reason for the making of the heat

We are perceived
in the act of perceiving
what perception
can’t receive

You take in the manner of
the promise of the
performance of the body
in the act of living

They believe through
the desire of tongue
against vanilla
that doesn’t presume

She can make from
the thought of your brow
every broken urgency
of every lost beginning

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