Tuesday, April 19, 2011

330. Tremors at the Act of Saying


Everything upholstered ordered taken over by pleasant odor
everything sonorous simple sated and satisfying by its presence
everything here in the right hand of the body

Taking for example a daughter and the water of her bathing
taking over the example of the water that it makes but never stays
taking time for breathing in the scent of water runs away

Giving into and onto and unto them the beat
giving over the person of performance at the perfume of the wrist
giving after the reason for the making of the heat


We are perceived
in the act of perceiving
what perception
can’t receive

You take in the manner of
the promise of the
performance of the body
in the act of living

They believe through
the desire of tongue
against vanilla
that doesn’t presume

She can make from
the thought of your brow
every broken urgency
of every lost beginning


And every body given over to music
the burden of wanting and the terror of letting go

What a child is is what a child wants to be
There is surprise in anything you always knew

Did you expect anything different in your life
than every day different than the rest and never enough?


in concert
with the
voices who
made the
earth out
of every
sound the
body cd
make and
wd take
every less
heard and
heart thing
to make
a melody
from the
fabric of
the net
that cd
wrap its
self around
what they
they must
need to
have and
have to



so: it
so: this

so: every
left thing

every left
thing you

left thing
you ever

thing you
ever wanted

you ever
wanted to

ever wanted
to have

wanted to
have and

to have
and to

have and
to keep

safe and
steady and

close and
with you

forever no
matter how

short that
turned out

to be

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