Monday, April 4, 2011

315. fingersearching


and the finger
inside it

the various fingers

they are all so frisky
they are also animated

blood runs through them in a circle
blood runs through

arms slips into a sleeve
leg slips into a leg

clothing is worn by the body
and worn

as a set of actions

and each action
has a point

upon a sequence of
other points that tell the fingers

what the word is they are
looking for in the body of files

in the folders of papers in the rows
of cabinets in the boxes of drawers

in the buildings of rooms in the houses
of closets within the last great thought

of a mind

do you mind?

it is in the way that extension
moves always away

that we can see how the arm
reaches out to hold

the handle of the drawer
like a suitcase’s

and there were dreams
that went with it

about carrying the filing cabinet away
in the grip of one hand on the handle of one drawer

when a hand takes a handle
a drawer is drawn it

it seems like it takes forever

the desire is to find it
to answer the question

something has not been forgotten
on the piece of paper in the file

but it is as unknown
as something never been

so the fingers go searching

flipping the top edges
of the folders

then of the pages within
the folder

and then the hand goes in
to the folder

and disappears in
the folder

to become
part of the record

and it rests there


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