Monday, March 28, 2011

308. Soupy Thoughts

It seems
That you
Might be
The one
Who thinks
That he
Can have
Some fun

I bet
That you
Are just
The boy
Who might
He can

My dad
Has said
That you
Should be
The kid
Who just
Might want
To be

I’ve heard
At least
Some talk
That you
Are quite
The one
To bound

I start
To tell
You this
You must
To Not
To Miss

You see
I speak
What I
Will say
This has
The day

Your mom
She thinks
She knows
The why
But if
She did
Then she
Might cry

Your dad
That he’s
Found out
Just what
I might
To shout

But you
Should know
There is
No time
For me
To let
You know
That you
Can climb

I think
That it
Is such
A waste
That we
Must rush
And be
In haste

So let
Me tell
You now
What you
Will have
To know
Just so
To do

Me to
Ask if
Your dad
Is quite
The man
Who might
Be bad

And let
Me please
Just ask
You once
If there’s
A kind
Of beast
He hunts

And if
There is
A beast
Like that
Can you
Tell me
If it’s
A bat?

And if
He hunts
For bats
At night
Does he
Store them
In jars
Of fright?

And does
He take
Those jars
And make
A thick
White soup
Of bats
And shake?

And when
The bat
Soup makes
Him shake
Does he
That it
You take?

And when
You drink
That soup
Right down
Do you
The bat’s
Crushed crown?

And do
You think
That bats
Just must
Have taste
That’s like
The taste
Of rats?

And would
You drink
Your cream
Of bat
And think
There’s no
Thing just
Like that?

Or would
You like
An ice
Cream cone
So you
Could talk
To me
By phone?

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