Friday, March 18, 2011

298. In Thin Air and Whispers

I don’t know it
and cannot say

what is March
and whether spring

might be here
with the snow

but there was sun
today by the end

and it seemed
that winter’d come

close enough
to its end

to allow us
at least

the thought
of spring through

the continuing
but melting snow

in thin air
and whispers

where something
slips in and into place

and where I saw
this afternoon

a few small reachings
of daylilies out

in green urges
from the earth

which was to say
there’s come

the time the earth
will seem warm

for the slightest
moment and enough

for the green
to grow and spread

into succulent
shadow and I wonder

if you have found
yet in your world

the re-awakened
memories of spring

coming to your world
and suffusing

that one earth
you live on

as we all
live within

the bounds
of our own eyes’

range and ranging
and I wonder if

there is time enough
in morning

to accept all
the empty promises

of spring and avoid
the snow that tumbles

out of the sky
and over everything

we could ever
want to keep.

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