Thursday, March 3, 2011

283. From a Recent Day Going by the Name Tonight

Last night, with sweeping
to gather a thought
is this fact of planet

against your own remorse
in cranes an ancient air
while songbirds flew

the wooden of door
and window’s particulars
extant and extended

fire from flame
basalt and lambaste
yet a fine meal

at the end of the edge
and lingering quayside
moderately verbalized

a basket of berries
and winter for its
quite varied distelfink

it took a century for
from whatever direction
salmonella spawning

bossa nova beats
slant of butterwing
mapped to a point

it’s Thursday now
seems like kielbasa
gonna get it straight somehow

calm a cough
about dreaming of us
insistence is tensile

confinement to seriousness
a subtle yelp of or for
cost of vs cost of a (liver)

since December it seems
afterwards it was
towards but gingerly

bridal not bridled yet
I make poems
fundamentally indifferent

democracy is not clean
a chicken and
a widget in every pot

when the horns rise up
um cantinho, um violão
against women or upon

I’m thinking about writing
a Conch from Kentucky
these waters of March

better than a handbill
out to grasp
abstract expressionist college

bones move in a shoulder and truth
be with you for a moment
or in the auspices of

a force of prepositions
it might suppose
a pox on every houseboat

house of shingles
something painful to it
I can’t say count it

la plage de la mort
sweet, ever so sweet
just the samba samba

“they’ve figured it”
an eight out of
Rio de Janeiro, Liebchen

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