Monday, January 24, 2011

245. Locations and Dislocations

from a grave distance
in an abundance of forms
despite the rigors required
of all the situations you hadn’t conceived
before deliberately intending
on the assumption of thrones
concerning facts never presented
through the animated rain
beyond the substance of act
past demonstrating illness
underneath frustration augmented by attentiveness to detail
beneath contempt
save for borrowing kindness as if sugar
using every means of forging
opposite delivery and with no concern for desire
out of frequency and without bastion
between bargaining and battered
at the point of purging the vein and the eye
till radiating forth a smile
though confronting backwardnesses
round every means of controlling morning sickness
about to be
minus the simple idea that everything was all
beside himself with reason
per the rules of the purse strings
within the pulse and the pressure
over the entire thing
amid the muck and mess and matter
excluding the usual exceptions afforded the well-to-do
but for the reason of never bequeathing
since the only possibility was not to
up to the one propelled by the greatest urging
besides the expectations of failing
inside the mind calcified by inaction
aboard the stalwart ship of fools
like unto one of us not awarded the benefit of belief
regarding the temporary state of the coliseum
detrimental to the agency of invention
toward perfidy
below the superimposed nadir
outside the tendency to estimate fairly
upon the throne of thorns
accumulating detritus
during the ceremony of defeat
ranging forward but slantwise into ice
off the reservations of the talented
through marvelous loss and damage
with watering mouth and anxious tongue
as a way of calculating prestige
considering death
into the last pupil of the last eye of the last one
unlike Versailles
above conscription
behind the wheel of a cheese
excepting the unavoidable vagaries of fate
than he would rather have had
around a bout of cancer
following after the only one he couldn’t find
plus the ridiculous harmonies of his stomach
versus adversity and ordeal
among the ancients and their orbs of flame
near less experience
until no more
for the gnarl of reason
down a long way from his starting point
under thunder
via the strains of violins and a life
across the hot sands of determination
throughout my house or ours
to a man
against regret as a symptom of breathing
by the time they’d reached Gehenna
towards though never quite to or true
after the last possibility had been exhausted by racing
except today
given reason to believe something not in evidence
along the River Styx
onto the vestiges of disgrace
touching the sensitive subject of objection
anti every participle of his speech
barring access to the levers of the hearth
cum love cum warm cum slept beneath the table
sans repair
alongside the terrors of mitosis
including those relegated to disuse
worth every want
astride further reaches of the body
circa twenty and then twenty more
pending the certain censure of the public
amongst fool children
counting any slight bigger than a fingernail
less their subsequent interminable complaining
pro whistling and happy for it
respecting anyone’s right to disrespect
amidst controversy and cankers
bar the best drinker in the place
saving the least for last
atop the corpses of defeat
notwithstanding her need to define the manner of conclusion
without regret

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