Thursday, January 13, 2011

234. In order but in media res

Creo que
like a market
vermin cloak
and docility’s
cure. Tear or
four the plain
bucket wealth.

Puedo hacer
as the ancient
credence limning
the mirrored
ensiform bulging
burgeon bridge
for malicious
blending swell.

Sin vergüenza
and light-footed
to the last manly
procreation from
the portioned
foot—yes, you
can certainly
hear it in ear.

Mi oreja
so as said
that someone did
in case or
encased there
is within us
the sound of
before along.

Por sabor
oh and wreckage
built under
thus subsumed
by superiority
as a mansion
of stars and
twisting slow.

Tu casa cada vez
from the voice
of it deep toward
inched intention
and blossom
over bloom of
cheek and gulf’s
algae wade.

Tiempo para dormir
in the fistful
dreaming that
what ever-ringing
vulgate feeds the
river of her other
ear and nurture
over neutering.

Perros rancheros
as a matter of
act and factions
of slight yearning
beyond veldt and
felt into realms
perfervid audients
might wrench.

Y por ejemplo
in skirt and steak
thus rarely
interest out of
mocking. Birds
in light and
falling in tubes
and tumblers down.

Me llamo
or something
similar erected
before autumn’s
rector. Compasses
in pears to
measure meant.

Las canciones
no longer here
though shorter
than a day’s
range from
coast to beach
and wailing
along it all.

Nada más
nada más
y otra cosa
más maravillosa
como la mariposa
y los hijos támbien
los hijos tan guapos
pero . . .

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