Sunday, December 26, 2010

216. Paris Too

Arrowroot polymer threaded vision: voice like crystal, like glass
appetite for snow in fragmented sight: plangent bubbled thinkinG

Bruised pillowed cordoned waist: piston as motionless refuse
bodily forms arranged in order of width: ribbon bony protuberancE

Curtain cotton milliner bed: slender serpentine, severed sleepings
calibrated versions of the forgotten past: extensible ingest manifestatioN

Dullard coffee liquid wrench: slip the slurry through the cheesecloth
dust alighting on marzipan crescents: depilatory content wrapper infesT

Echo loquat station bird: call in fertile petulant grave
eastern reason, western for speed: cattle calling spur poontanG

Fever never river reach: tropical notions, nautical clues
fewer manners to undress: leavening manna hand manaclE

Garbo pocket wafer signal: finding fortunes’ siren prelate
granting portion flurry Mass: overland bus trip to predictioN

Harvest marvel eyelet vine: limited entry, limitless stretch
hundred mottled bottled lights: stellar fulcrum docile vriL

Iris witness febrile view: accordion, two itch, flanneur
indigent tendency to measure panes: window waver iridescent waveS

Jocular mandible fervid caught: insipid disquisitions intending minions
jostled vehicular cortex spewed: wrinkle ankle tank disgorgE

Knoll troll boll brigade: assembled massive fairy tale bridge
klesmer singing merchant’s stollen: musing purchase bagel voicE

Launder fold dissuade meander: lose the run the pulls the stocking
licit lovers found erected: torpid potion extract demoN

Missile turnstile selvage merman: sundry spinning hybrid fringes
maudlin costumed grey eye-opener: opera oracle mud topcoaT

Nuzzled fondled breaded fried: touching tender heat and skin
nibbling from unwanted biscuit: longing lounging late longueuR

Open purpose billion bulb: expected energy of certain desire
operated for that maculate intent: spotted mentioned driven dotH

Prickle stipple region void: heretical interstitial autobiographical
pistil of lovingkindness fertility: fennel lovage penis growtH

Quartzite lucre vital breadth: widening light of sturdy station
quadroon quaking split platoon: halving halves of salivating assemblageS

Rising raising raiding rate: water for the covering of all dreams and sins
rivulet twisting through an open sore: pustule muscle pubic bonE

Sorrel slumber silver skink: enter from a green gorge-de-pigeon resting place
snaking seasons of a session’s slant: adder winter gather skeW

Treble feeble marvel broth: bottom of my foot in bloody bolster
too much weight in my falling to stop myself: holding hard hardly hefT

Uvula tourniquet lotion song: yodel vocal slipper garrotte
under optimal orbital swings: playground planet oranges storM

Vindicate abdicate elucidate date: cancel clear and obvious muddles
vaunt taunt aggrandize fault: particular stupendousnesses of failurE

Wriggle wrinkle wrangle wink: in handful squirming massive beings
with particular attention to: eyeliner eyesight idol I

Xenophobe telephone telegram grammar: stranger lengths to make a line of words
xerotic parables of future tenses: desert story recoil twiN

Youth belief crisis faith: the grave emptiness in the cemetery
yearning in the manner of the dead: pitcher vessel hollow shelL

Zone edge miracle lure: twinge of a tinge of twinned tendernesses
zippered reticulated passionfruit: what is closed in order to be openeD

& I would extend a word in the shape of a hand forward into space to you
& you might allow the opportunity for the thought-out words to wander in yoU

(dervish because personification was not favored by the regions)
(perfervid for the reasons laid out in the papers provided to you beforehand)

{crinkled along the ends as if pinched in order to hold it all in}
{punctured for the purpose of releasing the ecstasy of self}

[boxed up along with the Christmas decorations and temporarily forgotten]
[given to all manner of wordplay and wordsmithing, but never to worry]

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