Friday, December 10, 2010

200. Stars and Startling


a fish in the place of a wish

a swim in the lace of a limb

seeeeems like the stars are startling now and starting to come out
dust of the heavens and the words within them so small I would breathe them in


cherish and perish


take in a piece of it
and make for me from it
a piece of its self
take out of a slice of it
a piece that is left
for me. what is
the smallest piece
of loss or lost
to make a piece of it from?


saved in the eye
of the cardinal
was the glossy black seed

saved in the color
of the cardinal through
the flying snow
was the blood rivering the eye


piece of checker
board of field


distance for deliberation
centering on certainty
pursing and pursuing
deltoid or ovoid
shape so sharp for it


and the golden
mean of them


each word left
to be replaced
by the next word


bones in the form of gills

direction pointed
by a nose

fish as an illusion
of type

what form of thinking
caused a letter to form
so tiny on the page?

if I could read it
I would likely not

best to be
by the world

to wake up
to snow

and understand that each wandering flake

was a word
drifting down

onto your hands
that you could draw
it into place

onto your tongue
that you could pronounce it

so the world would become word

and slightly whistled
through the lips

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