Saturday, November 27, 2010

187. ing’ing

Just a slip
in the form of
a movement
or a tiny piece
of something
moves it all
forward moves
us forward

We are thus
guided into
place to a
location that
gives us time
to pause and
think out the
scene we now
inhabit as us

A word does
it and that
is the case
with most of
it as it is
words that
come forward
as meaning
and motion

designs a way
for it to make
what it can
out of all there
is before us
and there has
been much
before us

A slip can
be forward
or in or down
or it can be a
layer of light
under a dress
or purpose
or accident

A word can be
lowered or light
or languid or
language but
sound or sign
or message or
mess or mass-
age or the age
of the masses

Plenty exists a
a size and
assignment as
what accepted
is taken what
is offered is
as surfeit
mere surface

Motion is a
theory of light
against weight
the opera of
thought or a
action chemical
or meteorologic

begins from
some thing
that is small
like an irri-
tation or irri-
gation of ideas
into ends or
their endings

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