Saturday, November 13, 2010

173. The Journey of the Spider

silk as thread as filament as carrier of light

overhead and strung between two points

strung between some point upon the hill and some point beside the river

in the manner of a rainbow it doesn’t touch the earth at either end

face doesn’t run into it and hand cannot touch it

body does not feel tension of the thread of light against its skin

the Susquehanna runs leftward because we watch it from this bank

swift and cold and hauling its own heavy weight of light

sun is heavy on the shoulders

sun heavy on the shoulders and the river runs swift and cold below it

there are veins in my body and blood travels through them

veins in my body and these rivers of blood

suck down into our passageways a warm air the color of sunshine

think of the river color de sangre

think of the river color de sangre and everything you’ve read

you have always read in a line across the page

the tunnel bores through the mountain in the shape of a vein

in the shape of a vein the tunnel burrows under the river

wherever I am in a tunnel the shape of a vein I hold my breath when I go through

breath that goes through the tubes of my body into my lungs

I could breathe the sunlight as my warm blood flows through rivers

see the river beneath you as a highway running in one direction

headlights cut a tunnel through the night as headlights come towards us

a thread through a blouse that you do not perceive as thread

a white thread that might soak up light

we were wet with sunlight when we walked under the silken thread

light seems to sit in place but it rushes at us like running water

the white line at the edge of the road tells us where the road ends

even though the road continues to the right the white line shows us the end

does the spider float down the hill to secure its line beside the river?

eye is a line of sight

invisible in a line of sight the eye sees through the light

along the course of the wave of light your eyesight floats

a row of pairs of headlights in a row as a line of light

we see by the side of the river the shape of the river pulling sunlight

thin strand of spider’s silk had come into view only because it filled with light

light is the way to see

light is all you see

think of a spider spinning light

think of the spider as it lowers itself by its light through sunlight

what is weightless almost as if flight or in flight

a breeze following the river and filled with the warmth of sunlight is a weight

broken lines of white down the center of the highway leading north

broken lines to show the left lane from the right

we want to touch the light within the thread

it may be day or night but still we see by line of sight

every line is right and righted and moving right

every line’s a spider thread leaning at a slant

the light is moving at a slant and down into a river carrying light

light is moving leftward because we face the river from this shore

light is moving though there’s no spider that seems to’ve made this light

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