Monday, November 1, 2010

161. Blisterwraptwords

Pronouncing in the syllables of the sound of the word
the word that the sound would be Extrapolating in that
sense of the shape of the sound of the word the word
that that sense would mean Being in the grasp of the
sense of the sound of the word as a shape of the mouth
that the body would make Having in the reach of the
hand for the sound of the word as a shape of a sense
that the body would hold into the dark weight of night

swelling and swollen and swallowed
the wound and the wounded and what’s wound around it

Making through the means of the fingers the shapes of
the words that the ears can’t hear Mouthing through the
means of the lips the sounds of the words that the ears
can’t hear Meaning through the shape of the body what
the sense of the word was moving and soundless Missing
through the sense of the shape of the fingers and hands
and arms and the body in the moving that the shape of the
words is the shape of the thought as a sense of itself

fleeing and fleeting and flight
the mouse and the instant of the mouse and the mouse turned into bat

Filling in the space of a moment the mask of the motion
that turns meaning to meant Forcing through a sense
of direction the sound for a word to mean different that
does Finding by the shape of the sensing the sound of
the hoping that the word would have been Fretting
the sense of the word that the sense of the word might
have in the sense it’s used but not meant to be used
and finding in that meaning of it the meaning it needed

mares and moors and mirrors
a dream out of darkness and over the frightening and doubled against you

Pressing the word from a roundness to the sense of a
flatness that you always would want Pleasing through
the use of the sound as a shape of a sense to a sound of
a shape of a sense of a word as a being of meaning and
boring through meant Pushing as a way of removing
the sense of the smell of the feel of the shape of the
hear of the sound of a word as itself but misplaced in a
sentence Passing as a word through an ear without
lodging in place at a place for to mean as a solid and fact

till and tell and tall and toll
until and the ground said of the height the weight of the road

Missing as meaning the slip of a word as a sense of a
symbol as eyeful or earful Massive as meaning that
combustible words on fire from using and growing with
meaning explode into audiences of the word’s own
undoing Missive as sending of words in a package as out
of a thinking and through to a learning Messing as
twisting as chopping and threading the meaning of matter
from words into wordlings from woods into worlds

conscious and unctuous and noxious
seeing believing and slimy and oily and marked in and putrid

Willing and wanting and making the meaning of matter of
speaking and matter of writing Welling as rising as growing
of meaning emotion of meaning and moving with meaning to
make meaning mean Walling as stopping as growing to
stopping to making to lose what the word might have meant
Wailing as crying as yelling as feeling the deepset emotion
of words as the meaning of hearts cut in pieces Whiling as
waiting as water for change of the words overcome you

corkscrew of quirky of kibitzed of cruel
twisting and strange to trade different meanings and meannesses too

Adding as making from growing in size or stretching for
purpose that makes much from mealy Evening as shaping
in flatness of sound the shape of the meaning right into the
earth Icing as sparkling as creating in auras the diamonds
of seeing that make words into creatures for comfort of
looking Offering as giving as outward as sensing of what
words would wonder Urging as forcing cajoling or jostling
that meaning as giving is meaning as sent is meaning as meant

terror as tear or as tare or as tearing
fear as the rip of the weight of the crying

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