Sunday, October 31, 2010

160. Six Words You Use for Them

What they have is speed and

They might come
At you or

They might come after
You on

Some day like today
Some day

That seems like the beginning of

A day you’ve lived
Many days

Before but which is a day

You’ve never experienced
Before a day

Like no other
A day when

It all changes as if it

Had never been otherwise
And they

Come after you
Fast and hungry

They come for you
Fast and

Hungry and strong
Ready to break

Down the wall or
Window or

Door between you
Because they

Are hungry for you
For the

Meat of your bones
Your beating

For the brains in your

Fragile skull
They come at you

In a wave
As the feeling

Of breath against a neck but

Then a wind
Takes over and

They are a storm cloud

Rolling and gathering the force of

The voices and feet
A roar

Of muscle and blood
And ragged

Not ever speaking with words

Those without voices
Come for you

Because you have a voice
Because you

Can speak
Because you still have

That human spark
The absence of which

Leaves them
Empty but even stronger

Than you
For nothing holds them

Back from their surging forward

Alone on a balcony waiting

Where you watch
Him write out

His message swirled
In blood on

The board his message
Swirled in

Blood on the board
His message

Swirled in blood
On the board

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