Wednesday, October 27, 2010

156. Frames in a Film without Frames

What in times of

                 / or breaking at the point of meaning

           take a vision of it

     in extremis

                       eidetic or edited

            (bismuth for no reason but the sound
           —is it chalky?)

                                   taking the pieces that don’t fit together
                                   to make a single piece of it

                 for instance,
                 the building
                 left alone

                                         seeing the film as a string
                                         without understanding
                                         the ends of it

there is no point to a film but cutting at the point of the fissures of light

     what did she say
     at the point where
     she disappeared
     into the editing
     out of her into the
     editing in of her?

                                   to accept the pleasure
                                   of being lost in the flow

                 that a tongue
                 might slide up
                 intimate ten-
                 dernesses, or
                 eleven, and the
                 wilderness of

                                               the eye knows
                                               what the ear wants

                       and it is
                       light for
                       taste for

                                   he had a sense
                                   there was a sound to it

and the sharp taste
of copper on the tongue
as a wafer as Host

                                         my inclination
                                         is to accept the fragments
                                         as a whole
                                         or upward


                             elevated to allow the blood
                             to flow into the depths of
                             my own abandoned body

     film as a form of sleep
     sleep as a form of falling
     falling as a form of autumn


                       or at least

     we waited until the last minute to begin to sing

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