Saturday, October 2, 2010

131. Bleeding for Love

constant & constantly

so & the thread of a needle
the blood of a drop
& how it splashes as it hits the floor

& she licks all your blood off it

& driven
to eat to live to love to be

she is of the darkness
& white of skin
the tiny splatters of blood on her face
are as beautiful as her eyes

every winter is darkness
beyond little day
& the whiteness of snow
is to make the light bigger
than it is

out the window you see
your face against the glass
& her eyes looking in

all of the night in those eyes

night & trees
standing leafless
the bare woods
wordless sweep
woodless sleep
eyes in branches
twigs broken
snow & blood
& the footprints
from the blood
& broken twigs
scattered on snow
under falling snow
& no leaves
layers of water as
snow then ice
then water as water
& moving
the dark movement
of water beneath you
beneath her
like a rush of blood
she stands upon
her desire & need
& want & wants
she wants for wanting
in the darkness
of night of morning
sometimes of noon
& she wants blood
that might be yours
that might be
a young boy’s
after hanging him up
to bleed down into
her mouth reaching
for that drop
from the sky
with her tongue
as you might reach
your tongue straight out
for a flake of snow
sifting & settling
down towards you
maybe enough of them
to cover up the blood
to take away that
memory you have
of her on her knees
on the bones of her knees
& on her hands
face down in your blood
& lapping up

because she loves you
because she loves you
because she loves you

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