Tuesday, September 14, 2010

113. Mice & Eggs

emblem of

inside a system of emblems
of any container of a thought

paper page parasol pangolin

ridges between depressions
and other ridges between those

diversions of water or mind

paint for paraffin
puffin for a fish

riddled with

what the hand makes
that the eyes seizes

it was either a letter or a mouse

this house holds them
but only as winter comes in

and until the cat finds them

a cat is patient as an eye
looking for a mouse in a painting

you might make a mouse

might make a mouse

into a painting into a place
of words and pictures

or an egg

maybe a mouse would
hide in an egg

mouse that sneaks through the house

an egg that holds
a secret

they are secret brothers

mouse born from
an earlier egg

as if [ ] was left out

a mouse may be made
of color or fur or fur the color of fur

and an egg

may be made out of shell
of albumen of yolk

of words

they can both be made
of words

as you make them with words

or as I write about them
there is a division between

where something is and where

something needs to be
that division goes either

by the name syntax
or vision

you have them both

you hold them in your hands
you watch them with your eyes

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