Thursday, September 30, 2010

129. À la recherche des mots perdus

Personne c’est moi

Voici la voix
du chien andalou

La silence du dik-dik

Otra vez y
otra cosa interesante
como un perro
sin boca
sin dentes

No lo puedo decir nada
ni escribir ni cantar

No tengo palabras
y las palabras se pierden

Post coitum homo tristis

And sadness is a third thing
or a thing of thirds
made up of anticipation
loss and recollection
of loss

The children call it
the pied stone
la piedra de varios colores
or la pierre pied

I took a piece of white
to make the colors
I needed I took the piece
of white to make
the piece of white
I needed more

No sign but
silence seems
like the sign
for white
made from
the blackest
ink of India
encre du Chine

What is not
white is what
is not-white

Je suis une
boîte de mer
J’ai une boîte
de ma mère
mais ma mere
est morte et
toujours le
soleil est blanc

I can’t see
out of it
so I see
through it
I see through
it because
there is no
out of it
to have

The word
is le mot
est mort
c’est moi
sont mois
is la palabra
es una parabola
runs itself back out
past the point of meaning

It comes
out from the point
of the tongue
to point
at you

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