Monday, September 20, 2010

119. The Yes Yet Made


                         of a child’s eyes

                    filled with light
                    a broken marble

                                        glossy with tears

what light expands
& remains &
persists from

                              across the street at night


                         through her glasses

                    a giant’s eyes through
                    her round windows

                                        the color of

& fitted with
windows of glass covered
with a piece of glass

                              & if broken would cut

          (e)y(e)s( )

                         shaped of almonds

                    maybe brown or
                    green or blue

                              & seeing

almost as if sentient
sentimental or of
the last sentence spoken

                                        & she makes no words with her


                              coated, vitreous, glassy

                    what we see
                    & never want to

                                        & thinking out past

where the eyes but
feel with fat fingers
& fail in dim light

                              in dimmest light


                         having a smooth shining surface

                    round as a world

                                        fast enough to see

thinnest words on
thinnest pages
in thinnest light

                              the taste of the scent of ripe pear


                         of the surface of a wound

                    dry to death
                    & loving blind

                                        weeping wound

the eyes see weeping
eye made of weeping
the sound of weeping

                              tender to the touch


                         of the tongue gliding

                    over closed eyes
                    over eyelids closed open

                                        to the sense of

the tongue speaking
the tongue tasting
her sight

                              it is her vision for it all

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