Thursday, September 16, 2010

115. The Colors of the Week

Sunday is Red

The color of the sun has no taste
and isn’t the red of a rose, and I walked
through a garden of roses to prove it.

If I had placed a single petal of the flower,
red on my red tongue, it would have tasted
of perfume, but my shirt was grey.

Monday is Yellow

Monday is moon’s day and yellow
in the sense that we think it might be
or we trick ourselves into believing it.

I always wear a yellow shirt
to show that I am the best light left
in the middle of a dark night.

Tuesday is Pink

To my daughter’s wedding I will wear
a pink tie, though I am a person of Mars
and she will be married on a Saturday.

Tuesday is the day we learn
that the workweek will never
quite end, no matter how much we wish it would.

Wednesday is Green

I was born in the middle of the week
and full of woe, crying for air, wanting
to run to one end of the week

or the other, but unable to decide
which was the closest to run to,
so I stayed in place, even though

Wednesday is just a waystation,
and mercury is the fastest metal
even when sloshing in our hands.

Thursday is Orange

Years of my life spent looking
for an orange shirt, because I wanted
that color I could rarely find in nature.

Thursday is the supreme day,
the day before the end of the week,
the father of the middle of the week.

Friday is Blue

Friday is anything but blue, and
we honor that day as we honor
the goddess Venus and all

she represents, and we wear
our navy pants to work, so it is as if
we are sailing shells into battle.

Saturday is Purple

I used to own a Saturn,
but it wasn’t a planet, and it was gold
instead of purple, so

it might not have been the best car
for a Saturday, but it ran well enough.
It ran almost purple.

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