Saturday, September 11, 2010

110. The Words for Words


words and wordlessness
and the sounds of both

inter- moderating to outer-
the extent to which thing
might be the thing it isn’t

take a word
fat on a page
and extending
itself into space

feel the body
of the word
wrap your tongue
along its long smooth leg
hold it tight against yourself

a word as wordless
is still a world and
meaning all the way
cacophony is not an homage to catatonia
the music you want
is the music you see

I know what you want
that word for the eye
I want it too
not a real word but a representation of
what a word might be
if we could hold it
in our hands and comfort it

sleep in ink and fibers
and flowing in and all the words
are flowing in and into your dreams
the night is ink
already you can’t see anything
except the dark shapes
of words
before you

and they come after you too
they come after your house
they come after your dog
if you have a cat
they come after your cat
after you come to
and wake to sunshine
they come after
the sun

come here
and listen
to the word
you see
and see
if you hear
the sound
of the sea
you word

you read the writing
in the sunlight the writing
on the carpet the writing
on the wall the writing on the page
writing on the bed writing
on the sheets the writing on
the screen the writing
in you mind

whatever you can’t read
in a line
is a word or a sentence you can’t read
on the page of a book and senselessness
gives you your meaning
because the desire to write the desire to read
exceeds reading and writing

word as talisman
word as fetish
word as offering
word as reliquary
word as mark

word as life

everything that accumulates
forms a whole and that whole
holds everything that ever occupied its space
these are the words that flow in ink and paint
before your eyes

there are no words for desire
there are no words for meaning
there are no for enjoyment
there are no words for us

at one point there were few words
and they were sturdy and walked bravely
forward into the world

the next text is textile
is texture is testing you

the next text is you

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