Friday, September 10, 2010

109. It is Not that You Are Tired Again, but That You Have Exceeded Waiting

in breaking past
and passing, you break
forward and take to
making what a world
might be, that simple
thinking (grace in
being in the body
of the mind (extended
service of the heart))

hearing in the sifting
finding in the shifting
ways the way back
through to forward and
all of forward’s means
(a waiting done and being
done, a starting starting
over (there is in nothing
lingered out a stopping
but a going through))

you do not leave but
change in transformation’s
languid way as body
after time’s delaying makes
us wiser wieldy well and
(well, we miss whatever
we have wanted and wanting
more we never have (yet love
what we can finally take
that reaching longer
fully grasps))

begin beginning’s augured
openings the blossomed flower
of life well lived and loved
until the scent arises as if
you’d sent yourself away
(the place to go was time and
forward (feeling fragrance
as weight in lightness’
gentle pull of coming, taking
nothing out but adding to))

to toil in thinking all a life
and find in thinking means
of making and making system of
the senses of the workings of
the world, for that allows a
mind to be what must be (a
maker creating terraces of
meaning (extracting from what
chaos meets you, direction
to the world of working))

it is a joy of being to be
as you in place of making to
site of being, the mind’s relaxing
gaze attuned to hearing every
scent it touches, alive in beauty,
breath, and pleasure, morning
meeting you with gentle
gestures (and there’re no alarms
to worry sleep before its finish
(the bureau’s top with its dust
delayed, the glaze of sunlight
lightly glowing))

we say no goods, we say no byes,
we buy you time for all that’s good,
and time is all we have till ending
ends a time and makes it more,
the doors that open from the building
open forward, open out, funnel
tunneled out to light, the breeze
of autumn flowing softly (all
encounters taking pleasure at
the pleasure of success, at
simplest acts of being’s being, at
the goal of living, having, well
(and making room in life for life,
and making life for you to be))

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