Tuesday, August 17, 2010

85. Words or

a word that
comes to
you and a word
that comes
in the form
of a part of
a word apart
from a word
and parting from
another word
or a word
frozen in place
in the form
of a word
or broken
into pieces
so that
it is many words
but each
of them incomplete

you suggest
what I might do
to read the words
even hold them
in a hand show
them in a hand
as held in a hand
in a way
that the hand
is the base of
the words the
structure you
build the words
upon the way
you make
the words mean
in a certain
context the
simple context
of skin how
skin is the
place where
our bodies touch
the world how
our bodies
bring into us
about our
the heat the
cold the wet
the sharp the
damp the muddy
or dry the
sun even
the sun as
it shines onto
us and
allows us
to see the
few words
broken and
held in the
hand that holds
the words
you made
for us
to read

this is
the way you
make the world
real the
way you hold
it and take
it reduce it
to some
few particles
of meaning
so small that
we cannot miss
them even
if we cannot
read them so
that each word
can be a sentence
each word can
speak to us
as if it were
the most
means of
speaking out
every word
we ever
needed to
know in that
order needed
to make
the needing

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