Thursday, July 1, 2010

38. An Epergne I Orchestrated Uniformly

An apple of Adam attached to an ant
And all that you answer is “Aaa-aaah” and “Ahhh-hhh”?

By buying the best buckets from bucket brigades
You bought every bushel of baskets for braids?

Carry a couple of carloads of cans
And cushion the chorus of curious cads?

Circle the circus with cylindrical cists
To cincture the cylix with Cyprian cysts?

Doing the dishes with dewclaws of dogs
Dispenses the dervish from doing the doves?

Eh, every error the effete ever err
Emends every emmet’s ept eremite?

For furious fuming from five feckless foes,
Four furry funnels flew forward for fuel?

Going and getting and gotten and good
Get garrulous gophers going for gore?

Generous genies gyrating with gentiles
Genuflect, gelid, and then gerrymander?

How in a harlot’s heartbeat of hope,
Have you the horror to harden the hasp?

I and my irony icing the ivy
Idolize islands of Irishish items?

If only an instant of irrational irking,
Would itching and idiocy irk like an ictus?

Jousting with javelins jauntily jarring
Just jerks the jurists away from their juleps?

Keelhauling killers and kissing their kids
Kickstarts the keloids that form on the kegs?

Knuckling and kneeling and knowing the known
Knits every knob of knotweed to knurl?

Listing the love of the lust of last life
Lowers the losers loose into latrines?

Manifold motions of muddy mothmen
Make memories of murder merely maudlin?

Never a nothing that nullifies not
Notifies no-one that nowhere is none?

Opening oceans of opals and oats
Opine like obits of owed odalisques?

Ordinal orphans of ordinary odor
Offer the orifice the officers order?

Pecuniary persons of particular poise
Purchase the prisons that poison our people?

Physical phalluses phallanxed by philtrums
Phase all the phials the pharmacies filled?

Querulous quarryman questioning quotes
Quarrel with quotients and quicksilver quacks?

Redolent reasons for rescuing rodents
Really resemble the rational rabble?

Serious sequences slipping through slippers
Suffer the service without sips of serum?

Ten terrible terrors terrorized tourists,
The tenth of the terrors being a tenor?

Under the umbrage of umbilical unction
Ushers and umbrils unbosomed the uncials?

Uniformed users of uvular units
Ululate usually at utile ukases?

Urgent the urges to ursicide,
The urbanized urtext is interred in urns?

Virulent voters who vetoed the vole
Vocally voted for verdant vocabulary?

What in the welt of the wart of the wish
Would you want to withdraw from the welter of wood?

Xenogeneic, the xerotic xenophilics,
Ate every xilinous xiphias and xerus?

You, young and yearning, and yawing for yards,
You with your yeanling yawning for yap,

Yell every yeasting you yearn and you yodel,
Yoke every yearling to youngsters’ yon yessing:

Zip zaftig zebra, and zip every zythum,
The zither comes hither to zing towards thither.

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